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B mine. get it?

your daddy. he works at this cool place with some really rad people who think you’re pretty fabulous. 
they have great taste in babies.
all that to say, we decided they needed valentines.
so we (you did some really helpful watching) whipped up a few dozen chocolate dipped pretzels, loaded up on some valentine sprinkles, and sewed on some sweet kraft tags. 
that would be the buckle B logo just in case you missed that part. clever, yes? 
pretty sure they (meaning not me) should mass produce these babies and hand them out in every store for valentines day. 
just saying. it works. 
there’s not a lot i love more than putting some time + love into a really sweet treat for really special people. 
i think you should be ready for lots of giving away, zo. we do lots of giving away in this house. 
it’s just always more fun to share. 
happiest valentines day to our beloved buckle teammates!  
we super appreciate you and all you do for my jake + z’s daddy.  
hard work. pretty smiles. big hearts. every single one of ya. 
oh and great jeans. 
can’t forget that. 

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