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an extra special little visit

oh baby. we spent the whole day today visiting your daddy at work. it’s one of my favorite ways to spend the day. we miss him so much when he’s gone that it’s such a welcome blessing to turn the corner of the mall and see his face when he see’s we’ve come to visit. he always tries to act like he’s still being a little productive, but we both know you’re all he can think about.

today was extra special because his boss was in town. so we made an extra special effort to be extra cute today. okay, so I made the extra effort. you, little one, can not be improved upon. I’ve tried. no amount of flowers and accessories makes you any more beautiful than you already are. but they sure are fun to dress you up in πŸ™‚

I made you that tiny skirt. it may have been my favorite thing to sew to date. just to warn you, you might be wearing lots of skirts from now on.

you, are quite the crowd pleaser little girl. so very loved.

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