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a little owlet tutorial

zoey the owlet’s first halloween
how precious is this tiny girl? sigh. i just love her so much. 
i had a few reservations about sewing her this costume. 
mainly, that i was starting a tradition my sewing skills couldn’t keep up with. 
i have a feeling the costumes get more complicated in the years to come. 
but i’ll just trust that pinterest tutorials and talented grandmothers will be there to pick up the pieces, and threads, when that time comes. 
i had quite a few lovely friends ask how i made this so here’s a quick photo tutorial to the process:
(i took my inspiration from this lovely gal and adjusted to my tastes)
this tutorial is for a 3 month sized owl costume. 
adjust amounts/sizes as necessary. 
* size 3 month neutral colored onesie
* 30 ‘feathers’ – 1/4 yard each color is enough with plenty left over. 
(double if feathering backside)
* pins/scissors/thread/sewing machine/the essentials… 
* crocheted owl hat 
(mine came handmade from zo’s sweet aunt kate, etsy has some amazing options) 
* pair of lady’s knee socks
* optional long sleeve onesie for layering/warmth
i used all linen and linen-like materials for the feathers. 
you could choose felt for a fuzzy owl or cotton blends if you wanted fun prints.
because i wanted an organic, handmade look i didn’t worry about washing or ironing my fabrics. if you’re making a dress up costume that’s going to see some wash-n-wear, i would recommend preshrinking. 
cut out a paper pattern in the shape of a feather.
basically, a heart but instead of the top dip cut a straight edge. 
fold 1/4 yard fabric in thirds lengthwise, pin feather and trim to yield 3 feathers from 1 cut. 
i liked my edges raw and frayed but felt or a cleaner cut/hemming could give a more streamline feather. 
i chose 4 colors that complimented her hat, you could have more or less options based on yours.   
here we go. starting at the bottom of the onesie, pin 2 feathers to hide the snaps.
be sure to pin low on the feather so you can sew a straight line across the tops. the body of the feather should be loose and flappy. yes, flappy. 
layer the next row alternating feather colors. 
place each row just low enough to hide the stitching from the previous layer. 
repeat layers until you reach the neckline. 
pin the feathers in a curved line around the neck and sew. 
i chose not to feather the back because i knew zo would be in her stroller most the night.
if you had an older child who would be running around you might choose to feather all around. 
my favorite and most cost effective way to make baby legs! 
buy a pair of lady’s knee socks 
(target has lots of fun color options for $2.50 a pair) 
and simply cut off the feet! 
the bottoms curl up so nicely since most socks are made from a jersey knit, no hemming needed. 
 add your adorable owl hat and ta-da! a crazy cute costume for your little bird. 
matching pacifier optional.

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