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a little bonding

hi zo πŸ™‚ we sure love you.

this week you’ve felt big enough to try some time on your back or tummy and let you stretch and wiggle.

it seems no matter what position we put you in you’re completely content studying the world from your new angles.

you couldn’t get enough of your daddy’s face today. his voice and arms are the quickest things to draw your attention and soothe your cries.
I’m beginning to think you may be just as in love with us as we are with you πŸ™‚
kind of perfect <3 br=”br”>he goes back to work in a few days, your daddy. but don’t worry. it’s because he loves us. your father is the most giving, loving and hardest working man you could have been born to. lucky girl πŸ™‚

it will be very hard to watch him drive away, but I can’t wait to see his face. your face. when I put you back in his arms where you belong after a long 9 to 5. priceless.

you, my girl, make it so easy to love this thing called parenting. <3 br=”br”>

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