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a little bit of mail

let me teach you something zo. we love mail. 
the real kind. the kind that takes thought. energy. effort. 
its tangible. it has this great musky paper smell. and it’s usually a little crinkled from traveling so far. 
and the best kind of mail is sent by people we love. 
this little mail came for you today.
but first, let me introduce you to who sent it. someone who loves you a whole lot. 
thats you! with your aunt kate. just minutes old.  
you are so very special to her.
(she’s quite special to us as well)
your aunt kate came to stay with us while you were still in my tummy and waited patiently with me until you arrived. she was here to walk with me and keep me busy and make sure i could get to the hospital in case you decided to start coming while your papa was at work. 
it was such a cherished time like none we’ve every had. and i’ll never forget it.
i never could have imagined that life would get this special.
that this person i shared my life with, my bedroom with, my hopes, fears and very poorly written birthday songs with would get to share the day i brought my first born baby into this world with me. 
does everyone get to be this blessed?
she came home with us after you were born to help take care of your mama so i could take care of you. there’s no greater gift she’s ever given me. 
(which is saying something because as you’ll soon learn, she gives the best. gifts. ever.)
let me tell you something about this aunt of yours. 
she’s genuine. so real. the kind of person you spill your soul to because even just her eyes tell you they’re listening. i’ve loved her every day for all the days i’ve ever had. 
and here’s maybe the best part.
we get to visit her soon! in just a little more than 2 short months, she’s going to bring her own very special little person into this world. you’re going to love him so much. 
and we, little girl, get to return the blessing of taking care of her so she can love on him. 
oh, what a special trip it will be. 
now back to this mail that is just for you…

oh, does she know us well…

this is the face you made when i told you we don’t get to go see her today. 
just be patient sweet girl. 
she’s not here every day yet. but, your auntie? is seriously worth the wait. 

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