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a little birthday wish

today is my birthday zoey. your mama is twenty-five today. 
it’s a little bit silly, but i can’t seem to remember that. 
usually, in years past, i’m excited about this day. looking forward to it. making little plans.
and don’t get me wrong, it’s not that i’m sad this year. i think 25 will be great. 
but i haven’t been able to think about my birthday, because i just can’t stop thinking about yours. 

almost 4 weeks ago to the day, my favorite birthday so far.


i’ve thought long and hard about what i want for my birthday this year.
but i just can’t think of anything i want that i don’t already have. 
you + your daddy = all i’ve ever dreamed of

my birthday wish came early this year little baby.a healthy happy you. 

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