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a little aloha

zo! guess who came to visit you! 
grampa michael. all the way from hawaii. so special. 
he’s come before when you where very little, but this time you were big enough to show him around a little bit.
so of course, we took him to your favorite zoo. okay, the only zoo you’ve seen. still, we love it. 
you, sweet girl, are quite a blessed baby. three grandfathers and grandmothers, four great grandmothers, and three great grandfathers. that’s a lot of love. grandparents are super special. they know just how to spoil you in all the ways that don’t make you spoiled. they play the best games, tell the best stories and share all kinds of special treats and wisdom. not all babies get to grow up with many of these people in their life. you, lucky girl, have thirteen.
you love every part of the zoo. accept one. the blowfish. this little film roll of reactions as he swims by and you cling for safety in your daddy’s arms might be my favorite thing ever. 
that’s a pretty safe place to be, my love. if this little capture doesn’t show how perfectly you have these two men wrapped around your fingers, i don’t know what would. 
so special. so blessed. so excited for so many more memories made with you two.  

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