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#9. new is scary. but you can do it.

this is us zo. the day after you were born.

I remember taking this photo because it was the very first time you and i were completely alone together. you were snuggled up in my arms while we waited for daddy to get our car to go home. your home.

it felt so surreal that we were about to leave this place with all the doctors for fixing things, all the nurses for asking & monitoring things, and that in mere moments we would drive away with you. knowing that we were everything you had. and you were counting on us.

I think this may be the only photo of us in the hospital together after your birth. I may have to investigate that…

you were so tiny. 18 days later you still are. you weren’t the biggest fan of this new, stiff seat. much different from my cozy, squishy tummy.
(you’re still getting a little used to it.)

we’ve got to get good at this, zo. packing up and going places just the two of us. daddy goes back to work in 4 hours. it will be so hard to watch him go. these last few weeks have been beyond priceless having both of you home.

but we love him for loving us enough to go. and we’ll visit him lots. once I decide I’m not too scared to drive you πŸ™‚ so thankful for that safe seat.

so much love.
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