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#6. it's okay to let go of the little things

yesterday was your last day being just days old. today, you have a little birthday. one whole week.

one week ago from right now I was walking in the front doors of the hospital, minutes away from hear the words, ‘today will be her birthday!’

sigh. what a week.

I have lots of catching up to do.

so many moments from your life I’m going to try to document here. I don’t want to forget a thing.

your doctor says you’re the perfect baby.
(but we already knew that)

you were 7lbs 10oz the day you were born.
at 6 days old you’d already grown to 8lbs 2oz.

so much grace. you’re growing! i’m so proud of us both, little one.

learning how to care for you and feed you has been the most incredible challenge i’ve ever faced.
and by Jesus’ mercy, you’re growing πŸ™‚

you’re umbilical cord fell off that morning.
that silly, stinky, precious reminder of how connected we were.

now i know why those crazy moms save them. it’s a little hard to watch it go.

but i have a much greater promise of our togetherness. Jesus has put you in my arms.
i don’t need that little earthly reminder of the past. i have hope in our future.

i’m a mama to the sweetest baby.
at least once every day i get a little sad that you’re getting bigger.
i have to repent of wanting to stop time.

but then i dream of all the things we’ll do together as you grow.
and i know that Jesus has great things planned for those days.

and i’ll choose to keep trusting him with both of us.


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