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#5. its okay to be a little stubborn.

there’s this thing about you zo. you’re a little stubborn.
your daddy says you’re like me.
i think we’re just really good at knowing what we want. 
i doubt you’ll remember
but your head has been tucked up at the top of my tummy for a very long time.
as fun as that was for both of us
it wasn’t the ideal plan. 
yesterday, dr. majors quite literally turned your world upside down.
today, we’re both still getting a little used to this new position
neither one of us is currently a fan.
but i think we’ll come around.

it took 20 minutes.
your daddy at my head.
a surgeon and a nurse at my tummy.
and lots of muscles.
there were lots of minutes that were painful
and a few that took a little extra something to get through.
but in the end. so worth it.
every little detail, all worth it because you, baby, turned. 

this was us. all 3 of us. 
a little bit after the successful external version.
we were all a little tired.
Jesus was so gracious Zo.
to give you a little boost in the right direction.
that is, head down <3 

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