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4 little years.

the beginning of this month marked a special day for your mama & daddy.

october fourth.

four years, little love. four years since your daddy and I made the big commitment. to love each other every day for all the ones we had left to live.

never could we have guessed we’d be so blessed. we hoped, we prayed, and left the rest in Jesus’ sovereign plans.

we’re not perfect, baby, your daddy and i. sometimes we hurt each other, love conditionally and choose ourselves first. but in God’s grace, our selfishness is redeemed and we humbly try again.

I promise you we will be imperfect parents. we will make mistakes, react poorly and judge unfairly. the only thing that makes us remotely qualified to be yours is knowing how completely unqualified we are.

we’re trusting Jesus with you, zo. you’re His first and always and we’ll keep striving to raise you in the example set by the perfect Father.

four years. we’ve learned so much. and you’re teaching us so much more. so excited for what’s next.

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