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#3. special days are everyday

look at those silly faces zo. 
(can’t wait to see who you match)
these were our faces the day we had your 18 week ultrasound. 
these were the minutes in the waiting room before we found out your secret.
that pesky little secret that you knew all along. that we were dying to find out.
(you’re a girl <3)
look. at. you.
your sweet little profile and that tiny little fist.
something you need to know about your mama zo, is that she loves words.
 (finding just the right ones is my favorite thing.)
but zo? i don’t think they’ve made any words that mean this feeling yet.
the feeling your papa and i had when we saw you this day. 
we didn’t even know your secret yet.
just that you were strong. and healthy. and so so wiggly. 
maybe i’ll think of a word someday to describe it. 
but today, i just know that in an instant, 
i loved you and your daddy more than i knew hearts could love. 

look at those tiny feet. oh the places they’ll go…
right away, your daddy needed to buy you something.
(something pink)
but every time he found a dress. or a sleeper. or a sock.
he made this face. and this little groaning noise.
(sort of like he was already melting from the inside.)
we left empty handed. 
because love? if we had made it to the check out line?
we would have bought all of target. 

that didn’t stop your grandma though. she had sweet things all ready for you.
(i may have found a few myself)

this is how we told the world your secret. 
and your precious name. 
(you’re already incredibly popular)

and this is what our life looks like these days. 
incredibly pink.
(i have a feeling its just getting started)
these are the ideas for the room that you’ll call yours. 
i think you’re gonna love it.
your daddy and i sure do.
sigh. zo? i can’t wait. 
just for life. with you. 
i know the next few months will be so special and fun
with showers and family and lots and lots of visits.
but then? it will be just us. and the every day of everyday. 
i can’t wait for that part. 
life with you. 

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