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3 month favorites

Carter’s Swaddle Blankets – you are such. a blanket girl. these are your very favorite. so much so that we have a few back-ups like all smart mama’s do with favorite lovies. they’re soft, lightweight, stretchy and completely adorable. bonus? i can usually find a pack at Ross for a great deal. these babies are your sleep clincher. you are at your most comfy with one bunched up between your arm and your cheek with your binky bobbing away. just like your mama when she was a mini. 
Gap Sherpa Booties – unfortunately you’re a christensen girl through and through. your circulation isn’t the best and those tiny feet and hands get so cold! these little booties are fantastic. they stay on your feet so well and look so cute with sweet little leggings. 
Baby Magic Hair & Body Wash – ahh. this should be renamed ‘baby in a bottle’. how do they stick all that delicious baby smell right there in the suds? its a miracle. you love your night time baths and we love to snuggle you in warm jammas smelling like baby perfection. 
Manhattan Toy Winkel – your Grammie Dellutri gifted this to you and you’ve really fallen in love with it. the flexible arms are perfect for your little fingers to grasp and the bright colors have captured you. this is a sure toy for smiles. 
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether – we love Sophie! you love the soft rubber to gum away all those pesky teething pains. mama loves that it’s made out of organic materials so it’s safe for you to drool all over. it doesn’t hurt that she’s ridiculously cute. 
Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper – live. saver. you’re such a great baby that you’ll play on the floor or in your activity mat for a few minutes to yourself no problem. but your favorite place to be while mama’s busy cooking or cleaning is chilling in your baby hammock keeping an eye on all the happenings. lately, laying back has been highly overrated. this is deep enough that i can prop you up a little so you can see better but you’re still snuggled oh so safe. 
aden + anais Muslin Dream Blanket – oh how i wish they made this in adult sizes. i have to admit, i love to steal this blanket. i’ve always been a lover of the coveted a+a products but i took a chance on this blanket and never looked back. 4 layers of soft, breathable muslin make it cozy, warm, perfect to cuddle and being over sized i’m betting this will be your favorite blankie for years to come. you’ll have to convince your Grandpa Christensen to build you a cedar chest one day to store yours when it’s old and tired just like your mama’s. safe and sound. 

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