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ahh, those first weeks of september when all the kids are back in school and the playground is ours to rule. having jake home these first two weeks with Quinn has been the best. i’m not as terrified of him going back to work as I thought I might be, I’m mostly just going to miss the heck out of him. our mornings are slow, most days we get nothing done besides loving on our two girls, and we’re both usually ready to take zoey’s nap time as an excuse to fall asleep on the couch to Modern Family. having Jake home but not being able to take advantage of this gorgeous last bit of summer has been a little bit of a bummer. so when we get chances like this to take it slow, easy, and just down the street, we take ’em.

untitled-8897untitled-8905untitled-8926when zoey was born, i struggled to find the right diaper bag and never really ended up with one that fit my needs + my style. i switched back to purses pretty quick because the little functionality diaper bags offered wasn’t worth the hit it took to your outfit. this Lily-Jade diaper bag has been a major game changer! not only does it win the award for most amount of pockets ever inside a single bag, but it’s stinking cute. at least once a day i switch the strap from a shoulder bag to a backpack and the convenience it adds to be hands free for optimum toddler hand holding is dynamite.


these cousins of ours are moving across the water in a month and we’re wrecked about it. after 10 years of living in different cities + states we’ve been spoiled as heck to have them just down the street for the last 2. we’re going to miss the day to day with them like craaaazy. but so super excited for their next season and the chance to hop on a ferry every other week and go explore Seattle with them. they’re quickly going to become way too cool to hang out with us, but we’ll do our best to keep up. for now, we’ll keep soaking up all the minutes until that big move.


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