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19 months and a few loves

in the spring on the peninsula, our woods turn into wetlands and our puddles turn into ponds. if you’re scared of wet pine needles it’s best that you just stay indoors. the sunshine was gorgeous this morning so we geared up in these perfect adventure leggings from Chelsi with Alpine Baby Co and looked to get lost. 
do you know this mama from Montana? 
her heart for children to be children and free to explore their little worlds is so kindred to mine. her IG feed, @alpinebabyco, is so gloriously inspiring, her words are so beautiful with photos that make me pine for the outdoors. you wouldn’t be sorry adding a little Chelsi to your life. 
can you handle how precious her knee patches are? with hand stitched reinforcing out of the softest fabric it’s the perfect extra cushion for crawlers on their knees and non-stop toddlers. you need to see all the patterns she carries, you’ll die. i love seeing a mama put her original twist on a piece and these do it so well! i can’t wait to show you how Zoey will be styling these babies soon. love!
this babe. i officially can’t keep up with her. her little vocabulary is anything but little. full on conversations 13 out of 13 awake hours and i’m in love with sharing this world with her. she can tell you that transparent is the opposite of opaque thanks to this cutest Hippopposites book, and she’ll quote you the rest of the pages too. the day she stops pronouncing water, “watey” i may lose it all together. she asks to “pick one” anytime there’s a decision to be made and quickly follows her option up with the ever polite, “good choice!” 
the loveliest Lindee from Little London Lou sent Zo the sweetest collection of little headband treasures and this burlap moment is so perfect. each of her pieces are made with such quality and attention to detail! there are so many options when choosing headbands for our little ones, but Little London Lou needs to be on your list. lovely prints and fabrics from the sweetest mama. Lindee is so generously offering you all 15% her shop until friday with code SPRING15! this and this one for easter outfits? please. so good.  
pretty girl, these have been the most precious 19 months. not a single one of them have been without the transition of selling or building a home and i can’t wait to get my hands on this next season of life with you. keep learning, little one. soak it all in. i’ll try to keep one step ahead of you but there’s plenty of things, i’ve just accepted, we’ll be learning together. love you this much. xo  

  • Josie - ohhhh these pictures are so fantastic. i cant believe how big she is getting! sweet, sweet girl! ReplyCancel

  • Katie - She is so adorable! And your photographs are beautiful! xoReplyCancel

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