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#12. it's okay to take your daddy shopping. he's great. promise.

so many things have happened since we found out you were joining our family, little zoey. I have some serious catching up to do to fill you in.

somedays, like today, I’ll remember a little memory for you. and for us. because some of these stories are too good to forget.

one thing you need to know about your daddy is that he is our best shopping buddy. i won’t be surprised the day your sweet eyes look up at me and say, “can daddy take me?” when it’s time for back to school clothes. I won’t blame you even a little. he really is the best.

which is why when i realized one day you were short on pajamas, I asked him to check around his mall. you were about 32 weeks little in my tummy then. seems like yesterday πŸ™‚

anyway. I had seen on that they had a sale on sleepers. so I asked him to check them out on his break. “you know, the ones with the feet.” I said.

pretty soon, I get this text message:

clearly, not pajamas. but I went along with it because it was cute and sweet and not very surprising because when your daddy is shopping he has a mind of his own. (hence the apparent shoe shipping.) if he sees something he likes, he buys it. especially when he’s shopping for you. it’s quite fun πŸ™‚

(amazing right? you’re still a little too little to wear it. but i promise we’ll find somewhere great to take you in it.)

after he got home, your daddy, and showed me your dress and I gushed at it, I asked if he had checked on the sleepers while shopping.

he says to me, “yes, but they didn’t have any at all. they had some shoes but they weren’t cute, and the gals that worked there said they’d never even seen slippers for a baby!”

slippers. πŸ™‚ you know, with the feet.

turns out it was my turn to teach your daddy a little something about clothes that day πŸ™‚ little baby fashion is a little different than what he does.

“sleepers love, not slippers. sometimes baby pj’s are called sleepers. to sleep in.”

we both had a really good laugh πŸ™‚ he’s never wrong about clothes. if I buy something he says ill never wear, he’s always right. so I had to tease him a little.

but now you have a fancy dress and we made sure you have plenty of sleepers, but most importantly, you have a daddy with really good fashion and a great sense of humor.

i love you both

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