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12 days of fun with Katherine Marie

one of my sweetest and dearest friends, Katherine Marie, takes the cake on holidays. 
whether its the kind that banks close on or the small ones we have to look on calendars to remember, 
she has a unique and incredible gift for bringing them to life for her littles. 
always fun, colorful and usually a little bit of education snuck in, i asked her to share her favorite way to celebrate this Christmas season. 
it can feel overwhelming! so many ideas with so little time, Katherine shares how she fits in 12 days of Christmas fun. 
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The 12 Days of Christmas Fun is a tradition I started with my kids last year.  Each box has a small collection of goodies to help us celebrate an extra special Christmas theme!  Most boxes offer craft supplies, treats, kid-friendly treasures, and books.  Inside each lid is a list of possible activities.   We generally don’t do everything on the list… maybe three or four, depending on how busy our day is.  You could use the boxes as a 12 day count down to Christmas but I like to keep it super flexible and we open our boxes on whatever day works in with our schedule in December.  If we are going to visit a tree farm one day that would be the day we would pull out the CHRISTMAS TREE DAY box! Yesterday was Candy Cane day.  We kicked off our day with candy cane pancakes while playing “Candyland.”  What I love most about this tradition is that it helps us to focus on and celebrate the sweet simple things that make this season so wondrous!
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