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#10. partners make the adventure

oh my little love. so many things to adore about you.

your daddy and I gave you your first bath this week.
(you were pretty stinky. cute, but stinky.)

he was pretty convinced you’d hate it. but i knew. once you hit that warm water and cushy sponge? you were sold.

look at you. just nestling into your little chins. no big deal.

that is until we brought out the soap. then you got a little more concerned.

nothing is short of an adventure with you tiny baby. one we’re so thrilled to be on with you. together.

nothing is more fun than being your daddy’s partner in loving you. raising you. caring for you. we make a pretty excellent team, him and I.

I love your daddy, zo. oh so much. it’s the best way really. to be so in love before a baby. because now every time I look at you I see him. and what a beautiful thing we made together.

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